Folding a fitted sheet is the universe’s polite way of saying, “f%ck you.” The great equalizer, a fitted sheet knows no prejudices, simultaneously putting domestic goddesses, Abercrombie associates, and origami champions to shame. The worst part of every laundry load, the fitted sheet seemingly requires high levels of skill, luck, and patience. But what if I told you that your luck was about to change? That your cup was about to runneth over with something other than wine?

If you Google, “How to fold a fitted sheet,” you will be flooded with videos and tutorials on how to do it. They all claim to be the best or easiest way to fold a fitted sheet – but we’ve tried and tested them all – and we’ve figured out the foolproof way to do it. 

So instead of balling up your fitted sheet and banishing it to the back corner of your closet, follow our five easy steps:

  1. Hold the sheet inside out.
  2. Find the corners and tuck one corner inside the other.
  3. Go along the edge and find the other two corners and then tuck them inside the first two corners.
  4. Lay the sheet flat and arrange it into a rectangle.
  5. Fold it in half and then into thirds before smoothing it out into a perfect square.
March 27, 2023