Hi, we’re Doze.

A husband and wife duo who used to hate making their bed. Every Sunday was a fight over who had to stuff, tie, fluff, and button up the duvet. From cursing the corners, to throwing f-bombs at the buttons, we’d try to come up with any excuse to put it off. Despite all of the time it took to make the bed, our duvet would still end up bunching and bulging.

But then we realized, there are lots of enjoyable things you can do under the sheets, and climbing face first into a duvet cover to find those damn ties certainly isn’t one of them. We wanted to replace the struggle with a snuggle and make our bed a happy place again. And so, Doze was born. 

Convenient, quick, and doesn’t require muscle, Doze is the easy-change duvet that can have your bed made in a minute. Now, go get in your freshly made bed and doze off.