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Canvas Dust Bag
Frances S.
Freakin' Creativity

As a lover of decorating with pillows, duvets and shams PLUS someone who sews, I have found your twin sized storage bags have MORE to offer and suggest you folks at doze consider expanding your creative minds and wording for your website to include a broader utility for your beautifully made product. The way I have used my recent purchase of 4 twin sized bags is for storage of extra large sofa pillows and European sized pillow shams. And because our relocation has no equivalent cedar closet for storing all my stuff, I wrote on the canvas where it goes and what it is. Maybe you could add a contents description window with a removable card....?

I’ve been loving my doze duvet and decided to order an extra cover set in linen! Highly recommend!!

Duvet Cover Set
Loving the Linen!

I’ve been using my doze duvet for about a year and can’t live without it! I have a set on my guest bed (AKA my dog’s room as she’s declared it) and wanted a separate cover set for guests. I got the linen for something different and I love it! It’s actually shockingly soft and looks effortlessly luxurious!

Essentials Bundle
Michele G.
Completely Satisfied

I love everything from the ease of insertion, to the sturdiness of the zippers, to loft of the duvet.

Also when I inadvertently didn’t use an available 10% discount with my purchase and emailed with only faint hope of getting the discount retroactively, I received notification of a refund within minutes.

Love it!!!

We love our new duvet! We went for the linen and the material is great. So soft and comfortable and very breathable. The insert is amazing as well. Feels heavy and cozy. It’s super easy to take apart to wash and put back together.

Essentials Bundle
Carolyn R.
So Easy!

Finally a duvet cover that doesn’t require me begging a family member to help me make my bed. I can easily use this by myself without becoming enraged and sweaty. and it’s so comfy!

Way more than just an easy way to connect your duvet.

This duvet is so much more than just an easier way to clean and attach your sheets. It truly is an elevated sleep experience, unlike anything I’ve ever experienced, even at hotels. First, the oversized size is just perfect. It’s not too big but just the right size to fit my partner and myself and hangs over on all the sides enough to ensure no more fighting over the sheet. The most impressive thing of all about this product, which I was not expecting, was the even feeling and evenly weighted comfort of this blanket. It’s hard to explain, but something I didn’t realize I was annoyed with but now that I have experienced the doze sheet, I realized that with my old sheets I would always have excess space between the top sheet and the duvet and it was no where near as comfortable as the doze because the doze keeps the duvet fully even across your body the entire night, without having to “find” the duvet. Lastly, sheets I chose (I got linen) are extremely breathable. I used to sweat on my feet and legs but with the doze I don’t have that issue at all. This product is truly a game changer and I plan on buying a lot more for all the beds in my house. I actually wish this company made more products because I can tell they really understand how to lock down the quality.

Essentials Bundle
Marlene T.

I ordered this for my guest room and it's amazing! It's so easy to take on and off and everyone who stays with me raves about how nice it is! I bought this duvet for the convenience, but I'm incredibly impressed by the quality.

Great Bedding

I ordered this for my son's room and it's great. He can easily put it on himself and says it's very comfortable.

Essentials Bundle
Tiffany D.
I love this duvet!

I am so happy with this purchase! The duvet looks great, feels great, and is even easier to put on than I hoped.


This duvet is a total lifesaver. Everyone should have one.


Such a great product. I’m very happy with it. The linen looks fantastic.

Love it

Absolutely no complaints. It’s even better than I hoped.

Best purchase of 2023

This is by far my favorite thing I've bought all year! Very happy with it.

Can't sleep without it!

Not to be dramatic, but I don't think I'll ever be able to sleep without this duvet! It's so stupidly easy to put the cover on, but the best part is how comfy it is! It's like a literal cloud. It's like the most luxurious hotel bedding!


Great blanket


Every step of the doze experience is heavenly! It's so simple to put on and is like sleeping under a cloud! I know what everyone is getting for Christmas!


I am so impressed with this bedding. It looks beautiful on the bed and is so simple to put together.


My wife used to make me climb inside the duvet cover to tie the insert in. She told me if I didn't want to do that, I had to find something better. Thank goodness for doze, because this is SO much easier.

Essentials Bundle
Jessica M.
I am in love!

Is it normal to be in love with a duvet cover? If it's not, I don't care. I'm obsessed.

Essentials Bundle
Barbara R.
Fantastic Product

My granddaughter sent me an ad for this duvet because she knows I have started struggling to put my duvet cover on myself. I ordered the doze set right away and am so pleased with my purchase. It's so much easier to put on and I don't have to sacrifice the look of a luxurious bed.


It really is perfect. Worth every penny.

Never going back

This duvet set has spoiled me! I don't think I can ever go back to a regular duvet!

Everything I hoped for and more!

This duvet set exceeded every expectation I had! It feels exactly like the luxury bedding I've had before, but solves all the pains of putting on a duvet cover.

Amazing Find

Sometimes the internet really shows you what you need! Great purchase.