Sateen Essentials Duvet Bundle

$627.99 $419.00

Sateen Essentials Duvet Bundle

Includes: Duvet Cover, Down Alternative Insert, and Pillow Sham(s)
$627.99 $419.00

Size: Twin/Twin XL
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Color: Snow

Insert Weight: All-Season


The Sateen Essentials Bundle includes everything you need for the easiest duvet experience possible! Our buttery smooth Sateen Duvet Cover is designed with a three-sided hidden zipper, and an anti-bunching snap system that holds the Down Alternative Insert firmly in place.

The Doze Essentials Bundle puts every corner within hand’s reach, for an easier, quicker duvet change. No more stuffing, fluffing, shaking, and shoving involved.

    What's Included?

    Twin/TwinXL Essentials Bundle Set Includes:

    • 1x Twin/TwinXL Duvet Cover
    • 1x Twin/TwinXL Down Alternative Insert
    • 1x Standard Pillow Sham

    Full/Queen Essentials Bundle Set Includes:

    • 1x Full/Queen Duvet Cover
    • 1x Full/Queen Down Alternative Insert
    • 2x Standard Pillow Shams

    King/Cal King Essentials Bundle Set Includes:

    • 1x King/Cal King Duvet Cover
    • 1x King/Cal King Down Alternative Insert
    • 2x King Pillow Shams

    Twin/Twin XL:  70” x 92”

    Full/Queen: 90” x 92”

    King/Cal King: 106” x 96”

    Care Instructions

    Machine wash cold. Gentle cycle. Tumble dry low. Do not bleach, dry clean, iron, or steam.

    Low iron may be used on cover set and pillow shams, but not on insert.

    Click here for more details on how to care for your Doze products.


    We’re so confident that you’ll love your Doze duvet that we give you a 30 night sleep trial!

    All returns are subject to a 10% return fee that will be deducted from your refund amount. For more information, please visit our Return Policy page. 


    Doze vs. Competition

    Boll & Branch


    Cozy Earth

    Duvet Cover

    Down Alternative Insert

    Pillow Shams

    Canvas Storage Bag

    3-Sided Opening

    Zips to Close

    Snap Corner Fasteners

    Enjoy a Soft Landing.

    The perfect duvet didn’t exist, so we created it. Our recipe of squishy soft duvets and comfy, cozy bedding makes for the most marshmallowy snuggle ever. Your bed will feel like a hug for your whole body.

    Luxe AF Fabrics

    Our Sateen, Percale, and Linen are ready to make your dreams come true.

    Cloud-Like Comfort

    We are champions of serious quality and good-old fashioned craftsmanship.

    Don't Stress the Mess.

    Machine washable for easy care, Doze’s expertly made bedding is breathable and soft, providing ultimate cloud-like comfort.

    Machine Washable

    No more worrying about spills, kids, or pets.

    Steadily Softer

    Cotton gets cozier with every wash.

    Ship, Ship, Hooray!

    Every single order from Doze comes with fast, free shipping in lightweight, easy-to-move boxes. We offer free delivery and returns, with a 30-day return policy.

    Free Shipping

    Lightning fast delivery so you can start dozing.

    Easy Returns

    ... but we know you're going to love it.

    Which material is for you?

    Our Materials Are Luxe AF


    Cool, crisp, & matte


    100% Long-Staple Cotton

    Made for

    Hot Sleepers

    The Look

    Completely matte

    Fresh Out of the Dryer

    Crisp & airy. Smoothest when not overdried or after a quick iron.

    Dating Profile Bio

    Sheets so cool I was voted “Most Popular” in high school.


    Lush, cozy, & buttery smooth


    100% Long-Staple Cotton

    Made for

    Any Sleepers

    The Look

    Subtle, luminous sheen

    Fresh Out of the Dryer

    Smooth & luxe AF

    Dating Profile Bio

    Me and my friend formed a band called “The Duvets.” We mostly do covers.


    Airy, plush, & breezy


    100% Linen from European Flax

    Made for

    Hot Sleepers

    The Look

    Richly textured & effortlessly chic

    Fresh Out of the Dryer

    Soft & elegantly rumpled, perfectly broken in.

    Dating Profile Bio

    May all the ups & downs of our relationship be between the sheets.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 117 reviews
    Frances S.
    Freakin' Creativity

    As a lover of decorating with pillows, duvets and shams PLUS someone who sews, I have found your twin sized storage bags have MORE to offer and suggest you folks at doze consider expanding your creative minds and wording for your website to include a broader utility for your beautifully made product. The way I have used my recent purchase of 4 twin sized bags is for storage of extra large sofa pillows and European sized pillow shams. And because our relocation has no equivalent cedar closet for storing all my stuff, I wrote on the canvas where it goes and what it is. Maybe you could add a contents description window with a removable card....?


    I’ve been loving my doze duvet and decided to order an extra cover set in linen! Highly recommend!!

    Loving the Linen!

    I’ve been using my doze duvet for about a year and can’t live without it! I have a set on my guest bed (AKA my dog’s room as she’s declared it) and wanted a separate cover set for guests. I got the linen for something different and I love it! It’s actually shockingly soft and looks effortlessly luxurious!

    Michele G.
    Completely Satisfied

    I love everything from the ease of insertion, to the sturdiness of the zippers, to loft of the duvet.

    Also when I inadvertently didn’t use an available 10% discount with my purchase and emailed with only faint hope of getting the discount retroactively, I received notification of a refund within minutes.

    Love it!!!

    We love our new duvet! We went for the linen and the material is great. So soft and comfortable and very breathable. The insert is amazing as well. Feels heavy and cozy. It’s super easy to take apart to wash and put back together.

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